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Guest Speaker: Jason Barrell

Jul 21, 2015 - 7.30pm

  St Mary's Peace Hall Lounge, 36 Vivian Street (opposite St Mary's Cathedral), New Plymouth at 7.30 pm and conclude at 9.30 pm with Tea, Coffee and a chat. Non members $20. All welcome.

Guest Speaker: Jason Barrell

Jason is an ordinary New Zealander who has had more than his share of challenges.

Jason had a successful career as a professional rugby player, playing both NPC and super 12 Rugby. Tragically, it was during his debut game for Auckland NPC that Jason incurred a serious spinal injury breaking his neck in a scrum resulting in the end of any future prospects of ever playing rugby again.

   Jason recovered from his neck injury and embarked on a career with the police. This for Jason was a personal triumph as dyslexia had always been a barrier to ever consider a job involving written work.


Only a year into the police force Jason started experiencing strange sensations. His GP sent him for tests which revealed he had a serious illness and the prognosis was poor.


Jason's brain surgery rehabilitation was gruelling both physically and mentally. He had to learn to walk, talk and feed himself as well as cope with the permanent disfigurement the surgery had left, but despite this even in his darkest hour he knew he was lucky to be alive!


Jason needed something to focus on during his recovery. He read Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad poor Dad" books. He felt like a light went off in his head and spent all of his spare time researching, learning and then using this to invest in property.

Jason is currently an international inspirational speaker who can relate to his audience with his emotional story. He challenges people to focus on the good things in life, accept change, and view adversity as an opportunity. Jason shows us that every hurdle big or small can be overcome with a bit of guts and a great sense of humour!

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