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Dunedin landlords honoured

Andrea and Andrew Elliott of Dunedin are winners of Landlord of the Year 2008, the first year the NZ Property Investors’ Federation and Department of Building and Housing have offered the award.

“We were delighted to sponsor the Landlord of the Year Award,” said Jeff Montgomery, Manager Client Services Department of Building and Housing. “The award recognises excellence amongst landlords. Each finalist had positive relationships with their tenants and sound management practices, with the result being a successful rental portfolio. It also shows that landlords who join Property Investors’ Associations benefit from ongoing education and ‘get it right’ when managing their properties.”

Martin Evans, President of the NZ Property Investors’ Federation agrees. “We look forward to being able to offer this award on an annual basis and therefore to have many opportunities to celebrate members’ high standards and customer focus,” he said.

The Elliotts have a portfolio of properties in both Dunedin and Invercargill. . Four years ago they realised that they needed to make the transition from hobby to profitable business in order to grow their rental portfolio. They began to up-skill themselves and develop a comprehensive home office and file system. Operating very much as a team, they have made that necessary transition. Andrew manages the finances and legal aspects and Andrea manages the tenant side of the business.

Runners up, Lorna and Jeff Goodin purchased their first rental property together in 2002 and joined Waikato Property Investors’ Association soon after. They have been very active in the Association – Jeff taking on the role of treasurer for a period and Lorna helping rewrite the Waikato PIA constitution last year. Since 2002, they have increased their portfolio and undertaken all aspects of the management of their properties. Formal training in the Residential Tenancy Act 1986 with a specialist tenancy lawyer has been matched by their tenant selection and management procedures, which demonstrate how willing they are to work with tenants to achieve an excellent on going relationship and to provide quality accommodation.

Megan and Kevin McCarthy, equal Runners up, have been landlords since the early 1990s and are members of Auckland Property Investors’ Association. Although previously living in Thames, they now live in their mobile home. Their mission is to provide quality rental accommodation to tenants through ethical behaviour and good practices. They have gained considerable knowledge and experience over the years and have excellent systems in place. They have shared their knowledge in a number of APIA forums and in publications, and now mentor others seeking to purchase their first home or investment property.

Entries came from all around New Zealand. The Judging Panel was made up of representatives from the Department of Building and Housing, Executive of the NZ Property Investors’ Federation, Property Investors’ Associations and Independent Property Managers Association.


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