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- 7.30pm

  St Mary's Peace Hall Lounge, 36 Vivian Street (opposite St Mary's Cathedral), New Plymouth at 7.30 pm and conclude at 9.30 pm with Tea, Coffee and a chat. Non members $20. All welcome.

Guest Speaker: Campbell Venning - Positive Real Estate Director

Campbell graduated from The University of Canterbury with a Marketing and Management Science degree and followed a traditional corporate career until 2000, when he became self employed in the property market.

Since then Campbell has led a number of national and international real estate businesses: a property education franchise, an investor-focused development business, an Australian technology start-up offering specialised investor tools and, more recently, Positive Real Estate, New Zealand's premier real estate agency specialising in residential investment stock.

Campbell is a creator of new ideas with proven experience bringing together high performing teams. His passion for real estate and technology drives him to find new ways to reduce real estate process costs and create a streamlined digital experience for buyers and sellers. He is a regular speaker at property events and writes a monthly column in the New Zealand Property Investor magazine.

Using his extensive involvement in the New Zealand property sector over the last three decades, Campbell continues to successfully predict market trends, identify new hot spots and source quality investment property for Positive Real Estate’s clients.


Evening Sponsor: Karen Baker

Waterdoc Limited is a company owned by Karen Baker. Set up as a water treatment consultancy business, it now offers Methamphetamine testing on property. Karen has an NZSC in chemistry, is forensic certified to take Methamphetamine samples and has 30 years + of industrial process chemistry experience.  She has the latest in air testing equipment allowing detection of volatile organic carbon compounds to 1 ug/Litre. This is 1000 times more sensitive than what is on offer by other testing companies which allows for trace determination of chemicals used in drug manufacture or drug use to be identified in properties.  Waterdoc uses Hills Laboratory Hamilton for analysing samples taken. Hills are IANZ accredited and use approved test methods for Methamphetamine analysis. Hills have also approved Karen to take samples using their highly expensive and sensitive air sampling equipment to identify VOC’s.

Waterdoc Limited is an independent company working synergistically with Hygiene ProClean NZ . Hygiene ProClean carryout the remedial decontamination work on properties found to be contaminated e.g. have Methamphetamine surface levels above the NZ Ministry of Heath Guidelines of 0.5ug/100cm2. The equipment & chemicals used by Hygiene ProClean are new to New Zealand. They are unique to the industry and currently offer the best cost effective solution for methamphetamine decontamination. The cost of decontaminating is ¾ to ½ of what is currently being charged by other decontaminating companies. E.g. a 60K methamphetamine decontamination can be done for 15 – 25K.  Savings are made because hard furnishings, carpets, curtains, insulation etc do not need to be removed and dumped.  The products used do not destroy paintwork or surfaces saving clients’ money on redecorating. The other unique advantage is that your property can literally be inhabited immediately after decontamination is complete saving rent that is often lost waiting for furnishings to be replaced. The decontamination process offered is quick, highly effective & environmentally friendly.  Hygiene ProClean NZ is a branded company and is fully supported by Hughes Corporation in England who have patents on all the equipment & chemicals. Hygiene ProClean NZ have an exclusive contract with Hughes to supply decontamination services in New Zealand & Australia.

Why would you want to use anyone else when we offer so much more for less?