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In what direction is New Plymouth really heading? Guest Speaker: Liam Hodgetts (NPDC)

Nov 17, 2015 - 7.30pm

  St Mary's Peace Hall Lounge, 36 Vivian Street (opposite St Mary's Cathedral), New Plymouth at 7.30 pm and conclude at 9.30 pm with Tea, Coffee and a chat. Non members $20. All welcome.

Guest Speaker: Liam Hodgetts (NPDC)

Liam Hodgetts is Group Manager Strategy at New Plymouth District Council. His role is to advise the Council on a range of strategic issues including the future direction of urban growth in the New Plymouth District.

Liam was educated at Auckland University and started his professional life as an urban planner in New Zealand.  He has extensive experience from the UK, Australia and New Zealand in long-term strategic planning and statutory planning. His most recent experience has been in the residential development industry in Melbourne’s south-east growth corridor.

Liam will bring you up to date with the Council’s strategic direction and policies for urban growth proposed for the next 20-30 years. Learn about the Strategic Blueprint current being developed by the Council and also about the Review of the New Plymouth District Plan now underway.


Interested? You should be, because there’s a lot of ‘big picture’ forward planning being done that you need to be up to date with…..

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