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Property Warrior Princess

Apr 19, 2016 - 7.30pm

  St Mary's Peace Hall Lounge, 36 Vivian Street (opposite St Mary's Cathedral), New Plymouth at 7.30 pm and conclude at 9.30 pm with Tea, Coffee and a chat. Non members $20. All welcome.

Guest Speaker: Fiona Camberun

Fiona Camberun has been called by a top USA Trader the “Property Warrior Princess”!

Yet she claims she wasn’t a natural property entrepreneur due to a crippling aversion to risk.

Like many women Fiona had spent most of her career in the ‘helping’ professions serving other people. She also managed social service agencies that served the most marginalised groups in NZ society. She loved the clients, and whilst she found the work rewarding, at mid-life she realised she needed a change of focus and to do something for herself.

After exploring financial independence on the net she discovered the training programmes on Donald Trump’s University site. She applied for the property Graduate Programme and after a strenuous interview process was delighted, but then terrified, that she had been selected.

Fiona initially thought she would learn how to buy a property ‘properly’ but she was in for a total personal and professional transformation instead.

Property has given Fiona a new education and a new life and its one she is passionate about sharing with others. Her story has featured in a book on New Zealand property people, in the NZ Property Investor Magazine, and on TV.

Fiona is a popular speaker wherever she says she is fortunate to be asked to speak. She loves to be in the conversation about property and financial independence with people. Fiona will be sharing what she has learned in her training and in her nine years of property investing, trading, renovating and coaching.

Evening Sponsor: Stephanie Murry Mortgages

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