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2015-2016 TPIA AGM President's Report

Jul 19, 2016 -

  The AGM was held at the Golden Homes Show Home, 9 Wentworth Lane, (off Links Drive), The Links, Bell Block, New Plymouth

Presidents Report

Presented by TPIA President Colin Comber at the 2016 TPIA AGM

I have much pleasure in reporting on the progress and activities of the Taranaki Property Investor’s Association over the past year.

Monthly Members Program

Over the last twelve months our monthly meeting program has again offered members a wide range of relevant topics delivered by competent and some high profile speakers. The Executive is always striving to ensure TPIA members have access to a high calibre program of speakers equal to anywhere in the country.

Meetings are generally well supported by members, relative to the size of our membership base.

A group of almost 30 enjoyed this year’s annual member’s bus trip held in April with the focus being on an introduction to commercial property investment. Kevin Height, commercial agent from McDonald Real Estate provided us with excellent information and expert opinion as we toured through Bell Block and the New Plymouth CBD viewing various commercial property investment examples. We enjoyed lunch at the Public Catering Company café in the White Hart Complex following which Harvey Dunlop, one of the owners and developers of the reborn White Hart, provided us with some insights into the challenges faced in refurbishing a heritage building with economic sustainability a key goal. The day concluded at the offices of Augusta Funds Management Ltd where General Manager Phil Hinton gave us a presentation about the history of that company and the passive property investment opportunities that the company specialises in. Overall a very informative day and social time for those who participated, and for which many positive comments have been received. Special thanks to Bruce Wallis, Vice President and Helen Marriott, Treasurer, for a well-organised and executed event. 


Our membership has remained steady and in the 50-60 memberships range over the past 12 months.

By comparison to other PIA’s in NZ the TPIA has a very good core retention rate with approx. 80% of our members renewing over the past 12 months. As with any organisation there is membership ‘churn’ with some members choosing not to renew and new members joining. The executive monitors non-renewals; the feedback we receive indicates that those who do not renew do so for personal reasons and not out of any dissatisfaction with TPIA activities.

Member Communications 

This year was our first full year without a hardcopy newsletter. All communications with members are now electronic thanks to the efforts of Executive Committee member Lew Sarten. Lew directs his efforts to keeping the website updated with our events and members can ‘click through’ to the NZPIF website for current and topical news of interest to property investors. Lew also sends out the meeting reminders by email. If you are not receiving emails from TPIA it will be because we don’t have your current or your correct email address. However, if ever in doubt about upcoming meetings, members should check out the TPIA website for current information.

National Communications Meetings

Two members of the executive attended the NZPIF National Communications meetings held in Wellington in May 2015 and March and June this year. Your executive places priority on the TPIA being represented at these meetings. The NZPIF pays for the airfares of one representative from each PIA.

Annual NZPIF Conference.

Members of the Executive and some other members attended the annual NZPIF conference held in Auckland in October 2015.  

The NZPIF Annual Conference is the education and networking ‘high point’ in the annual property investment calendar and I would encourage all members who want to move on in property investment to attend.

This year’s conference is in New Plymouth on 14-16 October. An organising committee, comprising executive committee members Helen Marriott as convenor, Claire Anderson, Bruce Wallis, Lew Sarten and myself was established in October last year. This conference organising team has been meeting on average, at least fortnightly, to attend to the detail that is necessary to ensure the smooth running of a successful conference that will attract around 350 delegates.  Your conference organising committee is enthusiastic and hardworking and we will be looking for members to assist as ‘crew’ in the final preparation of the conference and during the running of it. Our convenor, Helen Marriott. Will provide details of our crew requirements.

NZ Property Investors Federation

The Federation continues to be very active at a national level promoting the interests of all residential property investors. Our Executive Officer Andrew King represents the Federation and all property investors very well at a national level and seldom misses an opportunity to speak to the national media on matters important to the property investment fraternity. Members should not underestimate the amount of time and effort that the NZPIF puts political lobbying particularly, through building and maintaining key relationships with all the major political parties and other key sectors of the industry including MBIE Tenancy Services, Commissioner for Children and the like. The Federation also continues to financial benefits for all members through developing preferential business partnership across a wide range of goods and services.

TPIA has two members of its executive currently serving on the national executive of the Federation. Our Treasurer Helen Marriott has been on the national executive since 2014, serves as the regional representative for the Lower North Island – Westside and has also be instrumental in the fostering the use and improvement of the national membership database that is available to all 20 Property Investment Associations to manage their memberships.  I have served as the national Secretary since 2013. TPIA is unique among PIA’s in having two members serving on the national executive. It puts your Association in a strong and well-informed position with regard to keeping up with national issues and also having input into NZPIF policies and decision making.


As will be reported by our Treasurer, Helen Marriott, the TPIA is in very good financial heart.  The Financials for 2015/16 show that costs have been well controlled over the past year and that we have healthy reserves.

TPIA Executive

I would like to thank members of the 2015/2016 Executive for their respective contributions given that we have again been under strength this past year by 1-2 persons.

Vice President Bruce Wallis has again done an outstanding job in securing speakers and also sponsorship for all meetings over the past year.  Bruce arranges a minimum sponsorship of $350 per meeting. Again (as earlier mentioned), Bruce was a driving force behind (and at the front) of our annual Bus Trip. Thank you Bruce for another year’s solid contribution. I would especially like to record that Bruce has been on your Executive Committee for 16 years and has been Vice-President for well over half of those years. Bruce has decided not to stand for Vice President this year but has made himself available for a further year as an Executive Member.

Thanks to Claire Anderson who has again been our Secretary for the past year. The taking of the minutes, as an accurate record of business, is an important task in an organisation such as ours. And Claire has taken on the additional task of minute secretary of Conference Committee.

Treasurer Helen Marriott has done another year’s dedicated work in keeping the financial records in order and making sure the bills get paid on time – a total of nine years now. Helen has also been our membership officer. These roles are time consuming and require accuracy in recording information and figures. Helen also had significant input into organising the Investors Bus Trip in April.  On top of this and her involvement on the national executive, Helen has enthusiastically taken on the role of convenor of our Conference Committee. Also a big thanks to Helen and Neville for making their home available for Executive meetings each month.

 Richard Woodd has continued to put his journalistic skills to very good use on behalf of TPIA. Richard has been diligent in writing up stories about our speakers for the Midweek weekly newspaper. With the changes occurring in the newspaper sector (through greater use of digital technology and centralisation of editorial control) It has been disappointing to both Richard personally and your Executive that more often than not that stories that Richard writes up for the Midweek are no longer being published. Richard has also put his skills to use in writing up meeting advertisements for the Midweek which have proved effective in combination with our other communication channels of getting members and guests alike along to member meetings

Lew Sarten is the person behind the scenes who ensures you all get your monthly meeting and other event reminders. The IT we use is NZPIF sponsored and can prove challenging to use at times. Thank you Lew for your diligence and commitment.

Tony Johns has made another year’s valuable contribution to TPIA. Ever dependable Tony is the one who ensures the TPIA portable signs are always on display at our monthly meetings. Tony also attends to the placement of the signboards advertising our monthly meetings on his property on the corner of Hobson and Gill Street, and makes the site available to TPIA at no charge. TPIA is especially appreciative to Tony and his wife Orchid, for providing the refreshments after each monthly meeting.

In his first year on the Committee Rob van Lieshout has made valued contributions in the areas of membership and promotion. It is unfortunate, due to family and other commitments, Rob is not able to offer himself for re-election this year.

All in all, it is a pleasure to work with such a dedicated team of individuals who are passionate about property and enthusiastic and committed to promoting the best interests of TPIA to ensure that our members get the most out of their membership, particularly with regard to property investing education and fellowship.

Concluding Comments

As President of TPIA my personal aims continue to be that TPIA delivers a quality program for members’ that is relevant and educational; that we continue to identify opportunities to add value for members and to ensure the Executive collectively manages the financial resources of TPIA in a prudent and responsible manner.

Over the past year I believe the Executive has again done well on all three counts. The TPIA is in good shape for the year ahead. The incoming Executive will have the challenges of continuing to look for ways to add value, hold costs, and grow membership numbers.

This AGM sees me completing 5 years as TPIA President and I have put my name forward for nomination again this year. I regard it as a privilege to act in the capacity of President. I am particularly appreciative of having the support of successive executives, the hall mark of which has been the enthusiasm of each executive member for property investment and the best interests of the Taranaki Property Investors Association and its members.


Colin Comber


19 July 2016


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Golden Homes Show Home, 9 Wentworth Lane, (off Links Drive), The Links, Bell Block, New Plymouth
Tuesday, 19 July 2016 commencing at 7.30pm.

Refreshments generously provided by Golden Homes

Notice of Annual General Meeting

All members and interested persons are advised that the Annual General Meeting of the Taranaki Property Investors Association will be held on Tuesday, 19 July 2016 commencing at 7.30pm.

The AGM will be held at the Golden Homes Show Home, 9 Wentworth Lane, (off Links Drive), The Links, Bell Block, New Plymouth

Business to be conducted at the meeting will include:

  • Receive Apologies
  • Confirm the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting
  • To receive and approve any correspondence
  • To receive the Treasurer’s Annual Financial Report
  • To receive the President’s Annual Report
  • To consider any Notices of Motion
  • Election of Officers and Auditor (if required)

Nominations for the Election of Officers can be forwarded to the Secretary, Taranaki Property Investors Association Inc, PO Box 94, New Plymouth.

Nomination form included here

As an alternate to forwarding a signed original by ordinary post, a scanned original or a computer completed unsigned version of this form may be forwarded by email to The Secretary bva.claire@gmail.com . Nominations should be lodged with the Secretary by 5pm on Monday 18 July 2016.

Colin Comber
10 June 2016

Evening Sponsor: Golden Homes










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