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So how can Millennials’ get into property investment?

May 16, 2017 - 7.30pm

  St Mary’s Peace Hall, 36 Vivian St, New Plymouth


Loan to Value restrictions (LVR’s), debt to income restrictions (a possibility?), meth contamination, insulation, smoke detectors, Residential Tenancies Act, should I have a business plan? finding tenants, managing tenants, material damage and landlords’ insurance, managing property managers’, the real estate agent as my friend, should I go to the bank or should I use a mortgage broker?, what is my risk profile?, ‘my partner won’t let me’, capital gains tax, and the list goes on….

This month the Taranaki Property Investors’ Association is holding an open forum to explore the barriers and opportunities to getting into property investment for the first time. The forum is open to all who have an interest, but will be especially relevant to millennials’.

The Forum will take the form of an open discussion with those seeking information being able to draw on the experience and knowledge of experienced property investors’.

So, if you are thinking about or have ever thought about creating wealth to secure your financial future through residential property investment this open forum is something you need to attend.

Come along with your questions and hear the views of investors who ‘have runs on the board.

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