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Guest speaker: Andrew Fleming

Andrew Fleming - Property Investor, Author, Coach and Award Winning Inspirational Speaker.


DP305_95.JPGThere's a saying among property investors. The best time to buy a property is NOW!

Andrew's investing career would have been a lot easier if he had known about the New Zealand Property Investors Federation and the detail around what that saying really means while he was a fit active young man working as an electrician. Instead Andrew's decision to build a property portfolio was as a result of becoming paralised in a farming accident. ACC assessed his income at $265 a week based on the worst year in 10 years of self employment.  Andrew saw property as a way out of a deep financial hole and a way of developing a passive income to allow him the means to live a fulfilling life.

Imagine going to the bank to say I get $265 a week on ACC, I'm paralised from the waist down and I want you to lend me money to buy a house. What do you think the answer was? What would you do?

Imagine going to do an inspection to find the tenant has trashed the property. It needs a complete renovation before it can be rented again and there is no money in the pot to pay for it. What would you do?

Twelve years down the track Andrew has four renovated properties with stable tenancies. The cash flow from the properties has allowed him to invest in himself and take advantage of opportunities that would have otherwise been out of reach.

In 2008 he spent a year training to be a Life Coach and has since coached people all around New Zealand and Australia helping them overcome what challenges them. As an Inspirational Speaker he has spoken to companies and organisations all around New Zealand. On the 19th September he won the National Speakers Association of New Zealand, Bright Star Emerging Speaker of the year award for 2014.

This year Andrew was hired by a leading insurance company to do a speaking tour around New Zealand to share his insights around personal risk insurance and the importance of future planning. Most people are unable to comprehend the impact of a serious injury or illness on their lives and financial security. Andrew didn't think it would happen to him and paid a very high price. Do you understand what ACC will cover if you are unable to work? What if it is an illness rather than an injury? Illness isn't covered by ACC!

Front cover Jpeg.pngAndrew is now a published author. His book Change the Channel tells his story of overcoming a life changing injury and rising above the many challenges of paraplegia and will be launched in November. Two leading insurance companies have made bulk purchases pre printing.

Andrew's inspiring story demonstrates what is possible for us all when we put our minds to it. Our biggest limiting factor is what happens in the space between our ears. What goes on in your head that limits YOU? Come along on Tuesday 18th November and get some insight into overcoming challenges that seem impossible from someone who has faced challenges most of us can't imagine.

Read more on Andrew's website.





Evening Sponsor: McDonald Realestate



Peter McDonald
Executive Director / Principal


  ‘McDonald Real Estate Ltd has been a part of Taranaki for longer than anyone can remember.’

The company operates from seven offices around Taranaki and prides itself on being a vital part of each of these communities.    “Let the McDonald Real Estate Family  look after your family” is more than just words. We are one of the largest sponsors of community and sporting activity in the province. Our people are encouraged to become involved in their communities.  As a company we  are  large enough to be competitive and still small enough to be intimate.   Our property management division currently manages in excess of 600 rentals as well as “casual lets” to another 100 or so landlords.  Our relatively  new Commercial and Business division is quickly  becoming a major player in the Investment market. Rural sales have always been a huge part of our business with market share often in the 70% bracket.  We are in Real Estate because we love it and after 102 years we think we have passed the test of time.


Have a great night, it’s a pleasure to be your sponsor for the evening.


Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at St Mary's Peace Hall Lounge, 36 Vivian Street (opposite St Mary's Cathedral), New Plymouth at 7.30 pm and conclude at 9.30 pm with Tea, Coffee and a chat.  Non members $20. All welcome.

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