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Taranaki Property Investors' Association 2018 Christmas Dinner

Come join us for dinner to celebrate the festive season and the TPIA's successful year
29-11-2018 more >>

Guest Speaker: Lex Severensen

Guest speaker: Lex Severensen Sponsor: Central Conveyancing
21-08-2018 more >>

Speaker: Kathryn Seque

Kathryn Seque from Dunedin holds the title for 2016-2017 Landlord of the year.
17-10-2017 more >>

Overview of September 2017 talk by Colin Comber

Colin Comber: from Amway to multi-million dollar apartments. Read about Colin's journey...followed by Telfer Young talk as sponsor for the September 2017 evening's meeting.
05-10-2017 more >>

The future of property investment... is the party over?

Speaker: Ashley Church, Sponsor: Bland and Jackson Surveyors
18-04-2017 more >>

MBIE - Landlord Seminar Series 2016 - The Devon Hotel - 20th September

Tenancy Services, in association with the New Zealand Property Investors’ Federation and the Ministry of Justice are inviting landlords and property investors (with 5 properties or less) to attend these evening seminars.
20-09-2016 more >>

2015-2016 TPIA AGM President's Report

Presidents Report
19-07-2016 more >>

TPIA November General Meeting - Guest speaker & sponsor Report

Guest speaker Andrew Fleming & Evening sponsor McDonald Real Estate Ltd.
02-12-2014 more >>

TPIA October General Meeting Report

Guest speaker Harvey Dunlop & sponsor ITM (Graeme Moller, General Manage)
21-10-2014 more >>

TPIA September General Meeting

Guest speaker Harish Singh & Evening sponsor Ross Whitmore of VBW
16-09-2014 more >>

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