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Remove your financial barriers and grow your wealth!

The TPIA Committee trusts everyone has had a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful start to the new year.

Our calendar of events for the year is taking shape nicely.

We are excited to present this years first guest speaker Trish Love

Guest Speaker: Trish Love

Trish Love from ‘Love to Grow in Wellington, New Zealand, is a thought leader and expert in the field of Financial Intelligence.

An expert Business Advisor and Chartered Accountant she is a leader in this realm, having worked with many business owners for over 25 years.

An internationally published author through Morgan James Publishing, New York, her book “Love to Grow” – helps business owners “Remove your financial barriers, grow your wealth, and succeed in business.”

Trish has been fascinated by the way in which some people seem to thrive and do well financially and yet others do not. She says not enough people the cash or time freedom they seek. It is this area she wishes to improve, as she sees where improvements in the financial domain assists in other areas of life!

Come along and hear Trish explain the underlying reasons for the gap between what you have wanted to achieve in wealth creation and what you have actually achieved financially to date.

Read more about Trhish Here

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