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TPIA August Monthly Meeting: David Seymour and Brook van Velden from ACT

Richard Woodd, TPIA Executive Committee

Act Party leader David Seymour and deputy Brook van Velden, were guest speakers at the TPIA monthly meeting at the Plymouth International Hotel on August 16.

The pair focused on the housing crisis and possible paths forward for the government, landlords and investors, but covered a wide range of other topics and issues, and answered many questions.

The speakers expressed disappointment at the current government’s divisive strategy, aided by the news media, of pitting opposing groups against each other, notably tenants versus landlords; Act would review and rescind some of the harshest Residential Tenancy Act amendments, particularly the removal of landlords’ 90 day no-fault tenancy termination; restore the tax deductibility of mortgage interest; and scrap the current 10 year capital gains tax on sale profits, which Seymour said would otherwise inevitably just keep growing.

Brooke van Velden announced to the meeting that her private member's bill had been drawn form the ballot. The bill would see a divertion of 50% of GST charged to housing developments, to local authorities to help fund and speed up infrastructure services to subdivisions. 

Seymour said: “The magic number to form a government is 61 Parliamentary seats. On current polling Act would have 14, enough to form a majority coalition with National. Vote Act if you want positive change.”

They attracted a crowd of more than 60, who on a wet night appreciated the tea, coffee and biscuits on arrival and further networking at the finish.

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