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The 2015 Mixed Fortunes Report

The plight of some regions, and the challenge of doing something to improve their situation, is the key issue raised  in the Army’s Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit’s latest report Mixed Fortunes.

The report measures progress in regional New Zealand around four indicators: people and populations, work and incomes, the wellbeing of children and the presence of social and other hazards. The results of regional wellbeing are mixed but they do point to parts of New Zealand where a significant group of people are struggling to achieve social and economic wellbeing.

The report calls for a threefold national response:
•    the development of national sustainability goals which ensure the progress of all regions
•    a national plan to meet the challenges of an aging population, resource scarcity and rising inequality in the regions
•    accelerating the adoption of new technologies and social arrangements, which more particularly benefit the regions presently struggling.

> Download the 2015 Mixed Fortunes Report (PDF, 1.30MB)

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