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Taranaki Women's Refuge Transitional Housing Request

Taranaki Women’s Refuge provides transitional housing for families who are struggling to find somewhere to live. We are currently in search of a property to rent long term in the New Plymouth area. This property would provide short term accommodation for a family while we support them to secure their own permanent, long term accommodation. This property would not be a safehouse. Transitional housing differs from our core work and is not domestic violence related, the primary focus is housing. The average stay for a family is 4-5 months.


The lease would be managed via our National Office, but the day to day running of the property is carried out by dedicated TWR staff who meet with clients at the property once or twice a week. A separate property inspection is also carried out once a fortnight by our staff. Any damage that might occur is identified early and repaired as soon as possible. Our contract covers the cost of repairs as well as routine meth tests between every client. Rent is paid directly by our National Office, regardless of whether the house is tenanted or not, making it a reliable and safe tenancy situation for landlords.


If you have a 3 bedroom+, fenced property, preferably one level with a lockable garage and are looking for long term tenants then we would really love to hear from you! Housing is a huge issue in our region and this property would provide a safe space for families to work on finding their own homes. We have references available.


Please email admin@taranakiwomensrefuge.co.nz or call us at the office (06) 769 5553 for more information.




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